Your adventure begins here.

It’s the end of the weekend, and you’re still brushing unity sand off your skirt. You’ve captured all the brides’ good sides, sure, but you can’t shake the feeling you’re on the wrong side of the sea these days. 

Us too. And in a bold rock-an-orange-windbreaker, adopt-a-stray, drink-raw-milk, ski-in-CO, move-out-of-the-suburbs, ask-a-guy-out, rollerblade-again kind of moment, we said let’s go. We realized we deserve to put exactly what we love and who we are on the other side of our lenses instead of just behind it, even if it’s a few flights away.

That’s where we found you--talented, experienced, giving, gorgeous, and exhausted women at that same metropark and arboretum and gender reveal. You needed the exact same thing as us, and we realized we needed each other: a network of fan girls with ambitious, attainable plans who grow together under new skies and languages. 

So maybe we could jump coasts for 72 hours with our cameras and then fly back shaking off some other kind of sand.

pack your bags and let's go.

meet us in the woods

posing workshop & at-home styled sessions on January 4, 2023 in hocking hills

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“instead of asking "why me?" start asking 'why not me?"”